Harry Potter House Quiz

The Harry Potter House Quiz is an online questionnaire designed to help individuals discover which Hogwarts house from the Harry Potter series best suits their personality and characteristics. 

The quiz is inspired by the sorting hat ceremony where students are sorted into one of four houses.

What house is best for which type of person? 

Here are some characteristics which are found in the people of that specific house – 


If you find yourself valuing boldness, passion, and bravery, Gryffindor is your house. Their strong sense of morality guides your actions, and they fearlessly express their opinions while standing up for what they believe in. 


Slytherin is the house for those who are resourceful, cunning, and willing to bend the rules to their advantage. Their determination to succeed propels them forward. They are not afraid to seek power. 


If wisdom, perceptiveness, and quiet brilliance define you, Ravenclaw is their home. Their intellect and humour may not always steal the spotlight immediately, but they command respect. 


Hufflepuff is the place for those who embody reservation, rationality, and a down-to-earth nature. Their strength lies in teamwork, and they consistently take a stand against injustice. 

On what basis does the Harry Potter quiz divide people into different houses? 

Aseries of questions are asked in the quiz that assess your traits, values, and preferences. These questions are often designed to reflect the distinct qualities associated with each Hogwarts house. 

Though the number of questions asked are somewhat different on all websites that offer the quiz, they are used for assigning the houses. 

How can you take the Harry Potter house quiz? 

Taking this quiz is no tough task – 

  • Open whichever search engine you use and search for the Harry Potter house quiz. 
  • After this, many web pages that provide the quiz will appear. 
  • Go to any of these and answer the questions one by one. 
  • Once you answer, you’ll get your house percentage.
    • If you want you can also retake the quiz and share what you got on social media platforms and that’s all. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best house in Harry potter? 

In general, Gryffindors is considered the best of all houses. 

Which is the stupidest Hogwarts house? 

Hufflepuff is considered the stupidest because this house hasn’t contributed much to the magic world. 

Which house is better – Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? 

Both houses have their own qualities and negative points. If you’re brave, go for gryffindor and in case you are trustworthy and intelligent, you should consider going for ravenclaw. 

End Note 

A fan of Harry potter and are curious to know which house you belong to? This quiz will help you in that. You just need to answer the questions asked and that’s all to get your hogwarts house percentage. 

I have also mentioned the steps for quiz taking above, I hope they will help you take the quiz smoothly. 

Have any questions? Please feel free to ask. 

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